About Franquiz Fine Art

Variety of Choices for All Desires

Coming to our website is like visiting a year's worth of art festivals and studio open houses. We do not impose our taste on our collection. We believe art is like wine, each person can have a different reaction to a piece. Our pieces are not heavily curated. We want the buyer to follow his or her eye and use our search functions to find his or her perfect piece.


Support Our Artists

Based in Houston, our artists represent the wide variety of cultures found in this city.  Like Houston, we have artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. We personally meet with each of our artists and want them to succeed!


About Jose and Jessica

Jose and Jessica met in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and made Houston their home in 2014.  Jose is a Physician and Jessica is an Engineer.  Although Art is not part of their day jobs, they both have a personal passion to see artists succeed and the culture of our city grow and diversify.